Community Manager

// Who's Making Margs

Jose Cuervo // m ss ng p eces // Mekanism

Was given the starting point of a "Margarita chat room for a weekly Jose Cuervo celebrity live stream show" and created and designed a Discord server for fans of celebrities like T-Pain, Ilana Glazer, and Keke Palmer. On a daily basis I oversaw content challenges that would reward fans with access to a live video call in show with their favorite celebrities. I created community monitoring guidelines for a team of moderators.

I created a workflow for a team of screeners to vet hundreds of fans for appearance on the show and coordinated fans' virtual arrivals for the taping.

I reported out analytics and engagement numbers in order to modify and alter the interactive components based on fan engagement.

// Cantenna

Miller Lite // m ss ng p eces // DDB

Implemented a piece of the viral marketing strategy for the roll out of an "illegal NFL streaming" website that actually lead users to a commercial for Miller Lite and their promotional beer can antenna.

ARG Community Manager

Create and manage the social listening strategy for Transmedia / ARG experiences including platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. Track all internet mentions and press coverage. Work with designers, writers, and developers to provide gameplay and functional feedback including extensive bug tracking and reporting. Write daily live reports to designers, agency, and client on engagement numbers, player feedback, and experience. Advise if alterations to gameplay should be made (puzzle modifications, additional story content, etc.) and work with design team to implement. Rapidly respond to unexpected player actions and dynamics and report to Producer and Director.

// Operation Scoop Snoop

Netflix's Stranger Things // Baskin Robbins // m ss ng p eces // 22Squared

Immersive Stage Manager

Scout venues and adapt concepts to existing spaces. Streamline guest flow and determine an operation plan during show design phase. Supervise build and implementation of creative director's design. Write Standard Operating Procedure guidelines for cast and crew and handle training of all personnel. Oversee technical aspects during run of show to ensure lighting, sound, and effects work as designed, monitor the pre-show guest experience, handle scheduling of performers, and watch performances to identify places for improvement.

Every experience staged brings a different set of logistical challenges as the format of show and type of location is always changing. Experiences have ranged from hour and a half long pieces in 20,000 Sq. Ft buildings with a 30 person cast, to a full day show across 14 locations in Los Angeles, to more intimate shows in small venues.

// ALONE : An Existential Haunting

  • 2019
  • Simulacrum - Camp Fangoria
  • 2018
  • The Foundation Meta Tation - ScareLA
  • 2017
  • [PRE-EMPTIED RECONSTRUCTION INDEX: Segment D] - Midsummer Scream
  • 2016
  • Rite of the Anthropocene
  • The Mushin of the Ashen Deer Clan
  • ALONEincAcheland
  • 2015
  • Unweave the Rainbow: Index of Absorption
  • Unweave the Rainbow: Index of Reflection
  • Unweave the Rainbow: Index of Refraction
  • Unweave the Rainbow: Index of Diffusion
  • Enola Body
  • 2014
  • Enola
  • ALONE:ScareLA

// Darkfield X Universal Pictures

Coordinated for Darkfield's first US show "The Invisible" for Universal Pictures. Worked on logistical planning for vendors and load-in and out of Universal City Walk. Had to quickly facilitate the show's adaptation to full ADA compliance. Wrote documentation and trained brand ambassador ushers. Oversaw final show build, ran show's technical components, and was in charge of all day to day operations.

  • January - February 2020
  • The Invisible - Universal Pictures

// Screenshot Productions

  • 2017
  • Abide:LA
  • 2016
  • The Rope

Creative Consultant

Work in Concept development through project completion of immersive walk-through experiences using existing IP and original assets for theme parks, escape rooms, branded marketing campaigns, and standalone shows.

//Work Highlights

  • Work with concept artists to create storyboards and overheads for attractions.
  • Design and Implement subscription business model for ARXs.
  • Create tools for tracking guest contact through real world interactions.
  • Create show timing plans and sound design for intricate clockwork shows using music cues.